Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome to LEAD!

LEAD (Learning. Exploring. Analyzing. Designing.) is Frisch's new student-designed curriculum. Two days during your AP English Literature class, you will work with your teacher-mentor to design a project in an area of interest to you. Once your teacher-mentor has approved your project and its implementation, you will then use your two days during the week to complete the project and blog about its progress here.


* demonstrate mastery of curricular content
* reveal ability to analyze content through myriad lenses
* apply analysis to real world events
* create relevance between text and life through project

Project components:

* selection of text acting as springboard for assignment
* sophisticated analysis of text, including its literary components and its cultural identity
* explanation of how the text applies to a real world issue or dilemma
* selection of media through which you bring to life a complex issue
* selection of sources (at least five) through which you will gain greater understanding of your topic
                 ^ books, newspaper/magazine articles, popular and scholarly journals
                 ^ art forms such as works of visual art, music and theatrical or dance performances
                 ^ interviews with experts in the field
                 ^ videos
                 ^ reputable blogs
* blog posts that trace the development and execution of the project
* blog posts that respond to fellow students' projects
* final project, which can be an extensive research paper, a film, an artwork with accompanying explanatory paper, a not-for-profit organization, a blog, a website, anything else you can imagine!
* original and not mind-numbingly boring presentation of your project (no Death by PowerPoint!)

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